Bat Removal and Prevention in Milwaukee County, WI

Bats pose a number of health and safety risks. A known disease vector, bat infestations can threaten the health and safety of your family, livestock and pets. Bats also cause odors and drop guano where you least expect it. That’s why American Animal Control offers a number of options for bat removal in Milwaukee County, WI.

We are fully licensed and insured pest control experts; we possess the knowledge and expertise necessary to help you control your bat infestation. To learn more about ways we can help you address your bat problem, reach out to one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives today.

Bat Remediation Strategies

American Animal Control offers comprehensive bat removal strategies, as well as bat infestation prevention services. Here are just some of the ways our expert pest control specialists help you combat your bat problem:

  • Infestation prevention:
    The best way to stave off a bat infestation is by exclusion. We’ll help you repair any damaged areas that bats may use to access your home or commercial space.
  • Clean-up and repair:
    We offer comprehensive clean-up and repair services to remove any bio-waste left behind by your bat infestation and to repair any property damage caused by the bats.
  • Removal and relocation:
    If you have an existing bat problem, we’ll remediate the infestation by humanely trapping and relocating the bats. We handle all animal infestations as ethically as possible and strive to always operate in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • The good and the bad on bats:
    On the bright side, bats successfully control insect populations. However, nobody wants them in their residential or commercial location. They scratch and squeak, stain walls, cause odors, encourage infestation by other colonies, and may be rabid. It is important that you immediately resolve your infestation.
  • Are you in danger of an infestation?:
    Use the following questions to help yourself determine whether or not your home or office is considered high risk for bat infestation: Is your building located near water and high insect populations? Have you had a previous infestation? Does your attic or potential roost area have high temperatures? Call AAC today for an inspection.

Schedule Bat Remediation

Bat RemovalIf you’re unsure if your property is at-risk for a bat infestation, reach out to the premier bat exterminator in Milwaukee County, WI to learn about the conditions that may make your home or commercial space more susceptible to bats.

If you’re hoping to remove bats from your property and prevent future infestations, reach one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives today. Call American Animal Control at 414-220-9690. to learn about our comprehensive bat control strategies.

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