Animal Control Services in Milwaukee County, WI

When an unwelcome animal decides to invite itself over to your home or property, they may cause property damage or pose a safety risk. If you find yourself hosting an uninvited guest, it’s time to call for an expert rodent exterminator in Milwaukee County, WI.

We pride ourselves in our ability to ethically and effectively remove virtually any animal from your premise. Rather than killing the targeted pest, we strive to safely and humanely trap it and relocate it. We operate as ethically and eco-consciously as possible!

General Animal Removal

We offer some of the most comprehensive and versatile pest control measures in the region. Here are just some of the different types of animals we can remove from your property:

  • Squirrel and raccoon removal:
    We’re the experts in squirrel removal in Milwaukee County, WI. If you need assistance removing a squirrel or raccoon from your property, reach out to us for assistance.
  • Birds:
    Birds pose a risk to gardens, crops and more. If you’re experiencing a bird infestation, call for the help of our experts today. We’ll assist you with removing birds from your home or property.
  • Rodents:
    Rats and mice carry disease pathogens, and present challenges for homeowners and property managers. We’re proud to offer ethical and effective rodent control services.
  • Skunks:
    If you see a skunk at your home or business, call for skunk removal in Milwaukee County, WI, as quickly as possible! Skunks can cause a tremendous amount of property damage and discomfort, especially if you have pets or livestock.
  • Other pests:
    Other pests, like, foxes, gophers and other critters pose their own unique sets of challenges. To learn more about the types of pests we’re able to remove and prevent, contact one of our friendly representatives.

Schedule Animal Relocation

racoonOur animal removal experts are capable of removing virtually any animal from your property; in addition to squirrels, raccoons, birds and rodents, we’re also capable of removing snapping turtles, snakes, gophers and more. Be sure to ask one of our representatives if you’re hoping to learn more about our full range of removal capabilities.

If you’re in need of assistance relocating a problematic pest at your home or property, reach out to one of our friendly and knowledgeable associates today at 414-220-9690. We’d be happy to help you safeguard yourself and your family against property damage and safety concerns.

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