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Be safe - call the experts for hive removal

Bees and wasps are dangerous and difficult to eradicate – it is easy to infuriate an entire nest, potentially causing serious harm to the disturber. The friendly, professional team at American Animal Control has the knowledge and state of the art equipment necessary to safely remove any type of bee or wasp.

- Paper wasps

- Bald faced hornets

- Yellow jackets

- Bumble bees

Offering removal for the following species:

Different species of bees prefer different locations to build their nests. The most likely locations are hanging in trees or shrubs, under roof overhangs, eaves, crawl spaces, attics, soffit areas, and even underground. Once a nest is identified, it will immediately be deactivated and completely removed. Satisfaction is guaranteed!

Check your home for bees and wasps

Choose an animal control company founded by a wildlife biologist and independently owned and operated since 2004. We are fully licensed and insured.

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American Animal Control will remove nuisance wildlife and insect pests from any residential or commercial location in the Metro Milwaukee area.

- Honey bees

- Mud daubers

- Ground bees

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